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Finishing the Costa Calida Sprint race [CC34]    Early part of Great Nosh race, Sydney            
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Date Event

Location Course Dist (km) / climb Time

LOC night event
Garmin route trace
Kendal Golf Course, Kendal
5.0 [5.7] 150m 35.35

6/1/22WCOC night eventGarmin route traceRannerdale, West CumbriaLong3.2 [4.0] 165m47.0612th
9/1/22Scout Scar FRGarmin route traceScout Scar, KendalSenior[7.3]39.41132nd
13/1/22WCOC night eventGarmin route traceScale Hill, LortonLong3.6 [5.9] 225m58.1531st
15/1/22BL GallopenGarmin route tracePenrith Beacon, PenrithBrown7.9 [9.0] 225m76.24n/c
22/1/22NATO local eventGarmin route traceRising Sun Country Park, WallsendLong4.5 [5.3]28.561st
27/1/22WCOC night eventGarmin route traceWythop Hall, Braithwaite, KeswickLong3.7 [4.9]41.2317th
29/1/22CLOK urban sprintGarmin route traceStockton Riverside, TeesideLong4.0 [4.4] 20m22.287th
30/1/22CLOK urban raceGarmin route traceHemlington, MiddlesbroughLong6.3 [8.5] 40m42.055th
5/2/22BL night eventGarmin route tracePenrith Beacon, PenrithGreen3.3 [4.7] 90m42.18n/c
9/2/22LOC night eventGreat Tower, WindermereLong3.7, 290m59.3112th
10/2/22WCOC night eventGarmin route traceSetmurthy, CockermouthLong4.4 [4.9] 175m40.5710th
13/2/22CompassSport TrophyGarmin route traceHawse End, DerwentwaterBlue6.7 [7.3] 285m60.531st
18/2/22WCOC night eventGarmin route traceMawbray Bank, SillothLong5.1 [7.1]49.1414th
19/2/22British night champsGarmin route traceIlkley Moor West, IlkleyM60L5.6 [7.2] 190m72.494th
23/2/22MLN eventGarmin route traceShaiba Bivi Site, CatterickLong7.1 [8.1] 195m63.212nd
12/3/22Costa Calida longGarmin route traceLos Apedreaos, Lorca M604.6 [5.9] 145m54.369th
12/3/22Costa Calida sprintLa Zarzadilla de Totana, Lorca Finishing the Costa Calida SprintM602.3, 65m20.305th
13/3/22Costa Calida mddleGarmin route traceLos Alhagueces, Lorca  M602.9 [3.4] 65m28.477th (9th)
19/3/22Duddon Spring middleGarmin route traceMesopotamia, Duddon ValleyLong4.2 [4.9] 280m54.2019th
19/3/22Duddon Spring sprintGarmin route traceAsh Bank, Duddon ValleyLong2.0 [2.5]35.2335th
20/3/22Duddon Spring longGarmin route traceCaw, Duddon ValleyBlue6.7 [8.6] 290m75.2119th
26/3/22British ChampsGarmin route traceGolden Valley & Cognor Wood, LiphookM60L8.3 [10.5] 325m86.2614th
27/3/22British RelaysGarmin route traceIron Hill & Parkgate Rough, LiphookM604.3 [4.8] 190m39.553rd (10th)
1/4/22Northern Champs sprintGarmin route traceCramlington, NorthumberlandLong2.5 [4.5]22.0635th
2/4/22Northern Champs middleGarmin route traceShaftoe Crags, Belsay, Northumberland  Shaftoe Crags middle distance [D Nisbet]Brown5.8 [6.1] 130m37.4124th
3/4/22Northern Champs longGarmin route traceDukeshouse Wood, HexhamM605.3 [6.9] 120m64.0912th
9/4/22BL local eventGarmin route traceHallin Fell, UllswaterBlue4.5 [5.4] 240m42.5310th
15/4/22JK22 sprintGarmin route traceSingleton Park, Swansea  Finishing the sprint race [W Carlysle]M602.8 [2.9] 20m15.325th
16/4/22JK22 middleGarmin route traceClydach Terrace, Brynmawr, AbergavennyM60L4.2 [4.9] 125m40.0415th
17/4/22JK22 longGarmin route tracePwll Du, Blaenavon, AbergavennyM60L7.1 [9.1] 250m68.4013th (12th)
18/4/22JK22 relaysGarmin route traceCaerwent, Newport  Spectator control on JK relays [W Carlysle]M1656.1 [7.0]42.3114th (23rd)
21/4/22WCOC local eventHogs Earth, Lodore, BorrowdaleLong3.335.5910th
23/4/22SROC middleGarmin route traceBlake Holme, WindermereBrown4.3 [5.0] 190m50.2216th
24/4/22LOC GallopenGarmin route traceLoughrigg Fell, AmblesideBlue6.0 [7.2] 335m58.115th
5/5/22WCOC local eventGarmin route traceLow Rigg, ThrelkeldLong5.3 [6.1]47.0714th
7/5/22BL local eventGarmin route traceBampton Common, PenrithBlue6.5 [7.8] 190m55.548th
8/5/22WCOC gallopenGarmin route traceLank Rigg, EnnerdaleBlue7.2 [8.0] 300m65.003rd
28/5/22Parkrun 20Garmin route traceSt Peters, Sydney  -5.0 [4.98]22.5638th
4/6/22Parkrun 21Garmin route traceSt Peters, Sydney  -5.0 [4.98]22.3529th
5/6/2247th Great Nosh footraceGarmin route traceMiddle Harbour, Sydney  Great Nosh trail race16k[14.3]89.5235th
11/6/22Parkrun 22Garmin route traceSt Peters, Sydney   St Peters Parkrun, Sydney-5.0 [5.1]22.3240th
15/6/22Moonlight Madness 2Kirribilli, North Shore, SydneyScore-40.222nd
18/6/22SOS 5 longThe Ponds High School & Park, SydneyLong open4.321.143rd
18/6/22SOS 5 shortGarmin route traceThe Ponds High School & Park, SydneyShort open3.4 [3.7]20.521st

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