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Out on the course at Stockton Riverside [David Aspin]             
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Date Event

Location Course Dist (km) / climb Time

SROC New year cracker
Garmin route trace
Lancaster University, Lancaster
[6.3] 37.51

8/4/21CLOK maprun eventGarmin route traceKiplin Hall & Gardens, Northallerton
Long5.5 [5.8] 50m34.566th
10/4/21BL local eventGarmin route traceHackthorpe New Wood, PenrithGreen5.3 [5.8] 75m37.309th
25/4/21BL GalloppenGarmin route traceKnipe Scar, PenrithBrown8.1 [8.9] 200m54.3514th
2/5/21WCOC GallopenGarmin route traceHigh brow, PenrithBrown8.3 [9.3] 350m81.0323rd
8/5/21LOC GallopenGarmin route traceBurnt Woods, GrizedaleBrown5.9 [6.5] 275m63.0229th
9/5/21LOC local eventGarmin route traceColonel's Drive, GrizedaleBlue5.9 [6.8] 240m55.5613th
10/5/21BL trainingOutward Bound Ullswater, PenrithTraining---
13/5/21WCOC local eventGarmin route traceScale Hill, Crummock WaterLong5.0 [6.0] 175m47.139th
15/5/21BL local eventGarmin route traceGowbarrow, Ullswater, PenrithGreen4.0 [4.6] 200m37.443rd
16/5/21SROC local eventGarmin route traceKnots Wood, LancasterGreen4.8 [5.8] 190m53.424th
20/5/21WCOC local eventGarmin route traceBowness Knott, EnnerdaleLong5.1 [5.8] 170m48.508th
23/5/21NATO urban eventGarmin route tracePrudhoe East, NewcastleBlue5.9 [7.5]41.453rd
29/5/21CLOK sprintGarmin route traceStockton Riverside, Stockton  Stockton Riverside sprint.... about to go wrong! [David Aspin]Long4.0 [4.5] 20m23.376th
5/6/21British Middle champsGarmin route traceSummerhouse Knott, Newby BridgeM60L3.6 [4.9] 210m50.096th
6/6/21Northern champsGarmin route traceHigh Dam, Newby BridgeM60L6.9 [9.0] 330m80.346th
12/6/21BL urbanGarmin route traceAlston, CumbriaLong4.5 [5.2] 120m31.144th
13/6/21Scottish champsGarmin route traceCraig a Barns, Dunkeld  CertificateM60L5.6, 315m60.123rd
17/6/21WCOC local eventKnock Murton, CockermouthLong4.440.3516th
20/6/21NATO local eventGarmin route traceSewingshields, Hadrians WallBrown9.1 [10.1] 200m65.485th
21/6/21BL trainingCarleton, PenrithPlanner---
24/6/21WCOC local eventGarmin route traceLodore, BorrowdaleLong5.1 [6.0]60.238th
3-4/7/21Saunders mountain marathonButtermere  Wansfell08.00.501st Vets
8/7/21WCOC local eventElva Hill, CockermouthLong4.836.28
11/7/21BL local eventGarmin route traceAngle Tarn Pikes, PatterdaleBrown8.0 [9.4] 560m82.5315th
19/7/21BL trainingFaulds Brow, CaldbeckTraining---
22/7/21WCOC local eventGarmin route traceLow Rigg, ThrelkeldLong4.9 [5.6] 250m47.1514th
1/8/21Coast & Islands extraGarmin route traceArmadale Castle, SkyeLong5.3 [6.5]70.014th
2/8/21Scottish 6 days (2)Garmin route traceInverlochy, Fort WilliamM60L3.5 [4.2] 75m35.015th
3/8/21Scottish 6 days (3)Garmin route traceArisaig, MallaigM60L5.1 [6.2] 245m55.115th
6/8/21Scottish 6 days (5)Garmin route traceCreag Dhubh, NewtonmoreM60L5.4 [6.0] 230m65.513rd
12/8/21WCOC local eventFlat Fell, EnnerdaleLong5.0, 330m43.2011th
14/8/21BL local eventAughertree Fell, CaldbeckOrganiser---
19/8/21WCOC local eventGarmin route traceThrelkeld Knotts, ThrelkeldLong5.0 [6.1] 380m58.4916th
21/8/21British mixed sprint relaysGarmin route traceSkelmersdaleElite3.6 [3.9] 40m19.4711th
22/8/21British sprint champsSkelmersdalePlanner---
26/8/21WCOC local eventGarmin route traceLing Fell, CockermouthLong4.8 [5.7]52.3615th
4/9/21BL local eventGarmin route traceSwindale North West, PenrithBlue6.7 [7.3] 175m56.073rd
5/9/21SROC urbanGarmin route traceAstley Park & Village, ChorleyMSV5.1 [6.5] 100m35.291st
11/9/21NATO urbanGarmin route traceKillingworth, NorthumberlandOpen10.0 [10.0] 50m51.502nd
12/9/21PFO urbanGarmin route traceBarrowford, NelsonMSV5.4 [7.5] 120m39.142nd
18/9/21Penrith parkrunGarmin route traceFrenchfields, Penrith5k5.0 [5.1]22.4446th
19/9/21LOC gallopenGarmin route traceSeathwaite Tarn, Duddon ValleyBrown9.1 [11.0] 460m105.2311th
20/9/21BL trainingRickerby Park, CarlisleTraining---
25/9/21Penrith parkrunGarmin route traceFrenchfields, Penrith5k5.0 [5.2]22.0128th
26/9/21BL long OGarmin route traceBampton Common, PenrithLong18.4 [22.5] 700m208.456th
2/10/21British ChampsGarmin route traceBraunton Burrows, Braunton, DevonM60L7.9 [10.3] 200m70.086th
3/10/21BOK middle distanceGarmin route traceBraunton Burrows, Braunton, DevonM604.8 [6.0] 120m40.484th
9/10/21Penrith parkrunGarmin route traceFrenchfields, Penrith5k5.0 [5.1]21.3929th
10/10/21DEE urbanGarmin route traceNorthwich, CheshireMSV8.6 [8.6] 50m42.091st
16/10/21BL urbanGarmin route traceCarlisleMSV4.9 [6.6]33.562nd

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