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Approaching finish in Concorde Chase, Hambleden [Steve Rush]              
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Date Event

Location Course Dist (km) / climb Time

New year event
Garmin route trace
Mawbray Dunes, Silloth
[6.4] 39.27

8/1/20LOC night eventGarmin route traceKendal Golf ClubLong4.9 [5.3]36.076th
11/1/20NWJS sprint trainingLancaster University----
15/1/20LOC night eventGarmin route traceCunswick Scar, KendalLong5.4 [6.0]37.487th
16/1/20WCOC night eventGarmin route traceLow Rigg, ThrelkeldLong3.9 [5.4]53.0316th
18/1/20BL local eventGarmin route traceCoombs WoodLong4.6 [5.6] 190m56.075th
24/1/20Edinburgh night eventGarmin route traceCalton Hill & The Killing Fields, EdinburghLong5.6 [7.6] 215m46.3546th
25/1/20Edinburgh city raceGarmin route traceEdinburgh South, EdinburghMSV6.9 [9.6] 125m50.495th
26/1/20Edinburgh classicGarmin route traceHolyrood & Meadowfield Parks, EdinburghBlue6.6 [8.8] 430m66.3717th
29/1/20LOC night eventGarmin route traceThe Helm, Oxenholme, KendalLong4.7 [5.3] 140m42.044th
30/1/20WCOC night eventGarmin route traceSale Fell, CockermouthLong5.1 [6.0]50.169th
1/2/20Northern night champsGarmin route traceJesmond Dene, NewcastleB4.6 [5.5] 110m38.034th
2/2/20NATO local eventGarmin route traceJesmond Dene, NewcastleBlue5.3 [6.7] 180m45.574th
5/2/20LOC night eventGarmin route traceSkelghyll Woods, AmblesideLong2.9 [4.2] 65.4716th
13/2/20WCOC night eventGarmin route traceKeltontop Fell, CockermouthLong4.1 [4.7]34.5612th
22/2/20British night champsGarmin route traceHambleden, Henley on ThamesM606.7 [8.5] 260m65.578th
23/2/20Chiltern ChallengeGarmin route traceHambleden, Henley on Thames  Approaching finish in Concorde Chase, Hambleden [Steve Rush]Blue7.9 [8.6] 265m58.4811th
1/3/20InterlandGarmin route traceBurnham Beeches & Egpyt Woods, SloughSh Blue6.2 [7.5] 145m56.515th
7/3/20BL local eventGarmin route traceMiltonrigg Woods, BramptonGreen4.1 [4.3]30.533rd
8/3/20Cumbrian GallopenGarmin route traceHigh Rigg, KeswickBlue6.5 [8.0] 410m62.20
11/3/20MLN army eventGarmin route traceHigh Pike, Caldbeck, N LakesBlue6.5 [7.4] 200m57.042nd
15/3/20CompassSport TrophyGarmin route traceBreasty Haw & Bowkerstead, GrizedaleGreen3.4 [3.8] 225m45.152nd
21/5/20MapRunF trainingBampton Common, PenrithBlue6.6 [7.8] 190m65.47-
7/6/20MapRunF trainingBampton Common, PenrithBrown9.0 [12.7] 330m151.34-
13/6/20MapRunF urban trainingBramptonUrban3.6 [5.1]31.39-
17/6/20MapRunF urban trainingPenrithLong3.7 [5.5]29.42-
21/6/20MapRunF testTalkin Tarn, BramptonScore[5.9]50.32-
28/6/20MapRunF trainingAughertree, CaldbeckBlue5.9 [7.0] 175m52.44-
30/6/20MapRunF trainingAughertree, CaldbeckBrown8.4 [8.7] 235m58.50-
1/7/20MapRunF trainingAskham Common, PenrithBrown9.5 [10.7] 150m73.26-
2/7/20MapRunF testTalkin Tarn, BramptonScore[5.7]40.19-
5/7/20MapRunF trainingHallin Fell, PenrithLong4.8 [6.2]83.40-
6/7/20MapRunF trainingTalkin Tarn, BramptonScore[5.4]32.17-
9/7/20MapRunF trainingKnipe Scar, PenrithLong4.5 [5.9]68.31-
11/7/20MapRunF trainingAskham Common, PenrithBlue7.4 [8.9] 130m62.59-
12/7/20MapRunF trainingHigh Pike, CaldbeckLong10.2 [14.0] 390m107.00-
14/7/20MapRunF trainingAskham Common, PenrithGreen5.5 [6.1] 100m37.33-
29/7/20MapRunF trainingAughertree, CaldbeckLong8.1 [8.9]67.09-
8/8/20CLOK middle raceGarmin route traceStanding Stones Rigg, WhitbyBlue6.0 [6.5] 110m46.1212th
9/8/20CLOK classic raceGarmin route traceGraystone Moor, WhitbyBlue7.4 [8.5] 125m60.0013th
13/8/20WCOC local eventGarmin route traceLow Rigg, KeswickLong4.7 [5.4]40.2614th
15/8/20BL local eventGarmin route traceFaulds Brow, CaldbeckBlue5.5 [6.1] 150m43.435th
18/8/20MapRunF trainingEycott Hill, PenrithLong6.6 [7.8]67.55-
20/8/20WCOC local eventKnock Murton, CockermouthLong3.834.029th
22/8/20MapRunF testPenrith centreLong[6.1]34.35-
27/8/20WCOC local eventGarmin route traceLing Fell, CockermouthLong4.5 [5.0]38.5810th
29/8/20MapRunF testEycott Hill, PenrithLong4.5 [5.1]44.00-
31/8/20LOC 50@50Garmin route traceStickle Pike, Duddon ValleyScore[5.2]49.3820th
4/9/20MapRunF testPenrith centreLong[6.6]64.20-
7/9/20MapRunF trainingEycott Hill, PenrithLong5.9 [7.2] 235m59.27-
9/9/20MLN eventGarmin route traceBrackenbar, WarcopBlue7.0 [7.9] 140m56.431st
19/9/20BL local eventGarmin route traceAskham Fell, PenrithBrown10.2 [11.9] 180m83.2427th
3/10/20LOC local eventGarmin route traceRusland Beeches, Newby BridgeShort4.3 [5.0] 160m54.511st
5/10/20BL club trainingShap CentralA2.1 [3.0]16.21-
5/10/20BL club trainingShap CentralB1.8 [2.5]13.23-
24/10/20BL local eventGarmin route traceWhittas Park & Binsey, WigtonBlue5.5 [6.0] 250m46.104th
25/10/20WCOC local eventGarmin route traceGodworth & Gavel, CockermouthBlue5.9 [7.0] 220m58.535th

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